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House Design Plan in Bangladesh

Beautiful House design plan in Bangladesh: Our Team has Architect (MIAB), Civil Engineer (MIEB), Electrical and Plumbing Design, and Engineer. if you need to plan pass from an authority like RAJUK, City corporation, Pourosova, Union perished, or any you can contact us. we try to give you the best service. we are trusted

ABOUT NBconsultant

We’re Different

We have more than 10 Years of Experience with all team Members.

We give Bangladesh Solutions

Last 10 Years we worked overall in Bangladesh.

Creative Design
Design Creativity 80%
client satisfaction
Client 90%
Number of District
District 30%
চার রুমের ডুপ্লেক্স বাড়ির নকশা
৩৮ x ৭৮ ফিট  তিন রুমের নকশা
3 room 2 unite
দুই ইউনিট বাড়ির ডিজাইন
2 room 2 unite
৪৭X৫০ তিন রুমের নকশা
2 room 3 unite

Our Recent works. see our works and understand our quality Full Project View


How we make a Beautiful House Design Plan

Our main vision is to make a beautiful country. we have every engineer experienced more than 10 years.


An architectural plan is a design and planning for a building and can contain architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations area, Detail measurement, and other documentation.

Structural Design

Structure Design with BNBC 2017 code and settlement analysis and with seismic analysis and wind load analysis. we can provide design and reinforcement details quickly very quickly

Interior design

Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful for almost every type of building. Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials.

Electrical Design

Electrical design is the process of planning and creating electrical equipment, such as electrical components, schematics, lighting equipment, power systems, and telecommunications infrastructure. Electrical design software and tools address the specific workflows for electrical controls systems designers.

ইলেকট্রিক্যাল ডিজাইন ইলেকট্রিক্যাল ডিজাইন



See our Real project. and think about our quality. and feel free to contact us. ask your question.

We are working on the Home design plan in Bangladesh. See our real project. and you can understand our quality. if you choose our design then you can contact us.

ডুপ্লেক্স বাড়ির নকশা

# 01


our mission is the make a beautiful Bangladesh. Every year a lot of Architect and engineers pass from the university. but it can not believe that we have an educated engineer to look at our building.
we want to positively influence the lives of every client. and make a good impression of the client.

# 02


The company promotes the service to our client by for a project, we want to cost reduction and saving time and also removing the hassles.

Our Project


The very important message we share with our blog post. check our post and comment on your valuable message

চার রুমের বাড়ির নকশা
চার রুমের বাড়ির নকশা
বাড়ির ভিডিও
বাড়ির ভিডিও
তিন রুমের বাড়ির নকশা
তিন রুমের বাড়ির নকশা
সুন্দর বাড়ির ডিজাইন, Barir Design , Home Design
সুন্দর বাড়ির ডিজাইন, Barir Design , Home Design
অল্প জায়গায় বাড়ির নকশা
অল্প জায়গায় বাড়ির নকশা
3d house design
3d house design
জমির হিসাব
জমির হিসাব
দুই ইউনিট বাড়ির ডিজাইন 2 room home design
দুই ইউনিট বাড়ির ডিজাইন 2 room home design

বাড়ির ডিজাইন করতে চাইলে এই ফ্রম পূরণ করুন

হা আমরা অনলাইন বাড়ির প্ল্যান ডিজাইন এর কাজ করি। যেহেতু আপনার এলাকায় আমাদের অফিস না

তাই আমরা অনলাইনে ই কাজ করি। 

আমরা প্রি পেইড এ কাজ করি। কাজ এর শুরুতে আমরা বায়না করার জন্য ২০% পেমেন্ট নিয়ে থাকি।